Family of John D. Schöettler: Schuttler, Shetler, Schoettler, Moore, Yordy and also Christian Schöettler: Harlan, Shetler, Schuttler & others


This Website was created for all the descendants of the Schőettler families.  It is hoped that this site will give our family of today and tomorrow the opportunity to see who their family was and is.  I only wished that I could have created this 50 years ago so that all the brothers and sisters could have seen it.  I originally started this site for our Schuttler family (Willard E. Schuttler and his family) and it just sort of grew into what you see today.   The Schőettler families are now Shetler, Schoettler, Schuttler, Schottler, Shettler and others as a different spelling has been adopted by several. This Website is far from finished and I pray that I will live to keep it going and that someone else will keep it going after I am gone. 


Michael Schuttler, (, Son of Willard Schuttler Sr.

Schuttler Coat of Arms
         The Schöettler Family Coat of Arms

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