Michael L. and Mary Schuttler Family

Lookin' Good
Michael (Mike) and Mary Schuttler live in Quincy, IL. Mike was born March 10, 1941 and has three living children, Christine (Chris) Bronestine, Teresa (Tracy) Kiefer and Michelle (Shelly) Cobb and four grandchildren. One son, Bradley, died at age 21, Sept. 13, 1987.   (Mike@Schuttler.us)
Mike  Mary 4 2013
Mary and Mike Schuttler at Mike’s 50th Class reunion in 2009. One of Mike’s favorite photos.  
last picture of all the kids-small
The last photo of all four Schuttler siblings along with G. Robert Kiefer, Tracy’s husband and oldest grandson, G. Ryan. Standing L-R Shelly, Chris and Brad. Sitting Tracy, Ryan & Robert.

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