Schöettler Coat of Arms

Schuttler Coat of Arms
Thanks to the great-grand-daughter of Richard Shetler, grand-daughter of Robert Shetler, we have the Schottler Family Coat of Arms. I have traced some of my history back to the 17 Century and I have a paper that has been handed down to me that says that our coat of arms is officially recorded in ancient heraldic archives. Documentation for the SCHŐTTLER coat of Arms design and description can be found in Siebmacher. I am trying to find a picture of this Coat of Arms. I had written to Wappen in Germany at only to find hundreds of family coat of arms. Thanks to her we now have it. You will also note that Schőettler is spelled yet another way from the family history. The original description in German is as follows: Wappen: in R. drei (2, 1) e. Schussein or Schusseln Translation into common English is listed below: The shield is red with three silver dishes. The coat of arms Schőttler was recorded in Lubeck St. Jacobi in the 17th century for Jacob Schőttler. Schőttler is northern German dialect and means, that the ancestors were “SchuBler” which is a profession “A turner making wooden dishes”. Meanings and explanations used for colors in the old days in heraldic based on description as forwarded by Paulus Flurst, Seorg Phillip Harsdorffer and others. Gold means: Spendour and wealth. Silver means: The five virtues which are humility, honourableness, purity, wisdom and innocence. Red means: Two virtues which are bravery and boldness.