Marlyn Duane and Doris Shetler Family


Marlyn Duane Shetler was born August 05, 1924 and married Doris Capehart.


Marlyn and Mike 1
Marlyn was born 08/05/1924 married Doris Capehart.  Marlyn Shetler pictured with Mike Schuttler at the George Shetler reunion in Michigan in 2014. 
Front row, Sitting L-R - Sarah (Rollins Widow) & Alice   Standing Mary Lou, Marlyn, Myra
Marlyn pictured with sisters Mary Lou and Myra and sitting, Sarah (Rollins widow) and his sister Alice.
Marlyn with Sarah (Rollins widow)
Marlyn pictured with Sarah (Rollins widow).


There are more photos of Marlyn on the Site Photo page.


Marlyn and Mike
Marlyn with Mike Schuttler. Mike first met Marlyn when he and Maynard came to Quincy to visit with their Uncle Bill. They took Mike, age 5, downtown and bought him some candy orange slices. Mike reminded Marlyn of that story and Marlyn said he remembered. They hadn’t seen each other since. 
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