Merle Gene and Katherine Shetler Family

Merle Gene Shetler was born 09/04/1926 and on 02/10/1946 he married Katherine Steider and their children are Stanley E. Shetler (married to Carolyn); Charles L. Shetler (married to Elizabeth and their children are Charles Shetler and his wife Allison and their child Isaiah; Julie Shetler and Bonnie Shetler); Janet L. (married to Joe Bailey and their child is Monica. Janet is now married to Michael Ress); Theresa K. (married to Edward Foy and their children are Emily Foy and Gregg who is married to Lisa and their children Nathan and Abigail ); James A. Shetler (married to Kathy and their child Jason); and Mary Sue (married to Christopher Smith and their children Timothy, Becky, Andrew and Rachel).  They were married Feb. 10, 1946, in Nebraska. Mr. Shetler is a retired farmer. Mrs. Shetler is a homemake. Merle died in the fall of 2015.

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