Myra (Shetler) and Sam Randolph Family

Sam and Myra
Myra Lee Shetler was born December 27, 1942 and on December 23, 1967 she married Samuel M. Randolph and their children are Rhonda L. (married to Bob Bright and their child Amy N.); Samuel M. Randolph (married to Lisa and their children Jessica L and Adrianna L.); Brian C. Randolph (married to Dawn and their children Sullivan, Jackson and Riley); Brenda C. (married to Marco A. Sabata and their children Mercedes and Ty); and Barbara C. (married to John B. Burke and their children Brody and Jake). Samuel M. Randolph Sr. died October 3, 2012. Myra’s email is .
Front row, left to right, Mercedes, Riley, Sam, Myra , Ty and Sullivan. Back row, left to right, Tony, Brenda, Jackson, John, Barbara, Jake, Brody, Brian and Dawn.  Picture was taken in December 2007.   

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