Dorothy (Shetler) and William Roudebush Family

Bill and Dorothy (Shetler) Roudebush 2011
Bill and Dorothy (Shetler) Roudebush 2011. Dorothy was born Oct. 4th, 1943. Originally married Arlin Masterson in 1960 and remarried William Roudebush in 1995.  Her children are Arlin Daniel Masterson, born Oct. 29, 1962, died Dec. 18, 2013. His daughter is Amanda; Michael John Masterson, Born Oct. 7, 1964; James Arthur Masterson, Born Jan. 25th, 1967. His son is Joshua;  Dorothy email .
Dorothy (Shetler) Roudebush, pictured on the right, next to her sister, Donna (Shetler) Cunningham while attending reunion in Iowa.  
Donna Dorothy and Mom
Donna (Shetler) Cunningham and her sister Dorothy (Shetler) Cunningham behind their aunt, Norma Schuttler on her 94th Birthday.
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