Donna (Shetler) and Delmer Cunningham Family

Donna & Delmer new
Donna Jean (Shetler) Cunningham, born Oct. 11, 1935. Her children (from previous marriage to Robert Goff) are Richard Goff, born Nov. 19, 1953 (sons, Jon and Chris); Tom Goff, born April 21, 1956 (kids, Joe and Adie); Barbara Goff, born Sept. 14, 1957 (son Matt); Steven Goff, born Nov. 24th, 1959; Michelle Goff, born Nov. 14th, 1961 (kids Bobbie Ray and James) and Terry Cunningham, born Dec. 5th, 1963 (kids Sarah and Shelby).
Delmer and Donna Cunningham. Picture taken at Iowa reunion July 2009. Delmar D. Cunningham born 4/2/1931 and died 2/8/2010. He was a real gentleman.
Donna, Don S.
Donna (Shetler) Cunningham and Don Stepanek and Kathy (Moore) Bearce visiting with Norma Schuttler on her 94th birthday, November 2010.
Donna Dorothy and Mom
Donna (Shetler) Cunningham and her sister Dorothy (Shetler) Cunningham behind their aunt, Norma Schuttler on her 94th Birthday.
Dorothy (Shetler) Roudebush, Donna (Shetler) Cunningham, Treva (Moore) Heiser and two of Daniel Shetler’s grand-daughters at Shetler reunion in Iowa, 2009.


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