George W. and Maude Shetler Family

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George and Maude Shetler
George W., born 06/24/1898 in Washington County, Iowa, died 10/06/1965 & Maude (Miller), b. 03/25/1901, d. 02/02/1992, Shetler’s family consisted of Maynard Wayne b.10/02/1922, d.10/15/2002, married Alice B . Crecraft b.11/08/21, d.03/16/13; Marlyn Duane b. 08/05/1924 married Doris Capehart; Merle Gene b. 09/04/1926 married Katherine Steider;  John Daniel b. 08/15/1928 – d.09/23/09, married to Roberta Joanne Calvin who died 08/05/1957, then married to Diane Wood; Rollin George b. 11/11/1930 d.11/11/2006 married Sarah Prinkey;  Alice Leora b. 03/22/1933 married Daniel Schrock;  Mary Loub.09/02/1939 married Ronald Williams. d. 09/17/09 and Myra Lee b. 12/27/1942 married Samuel Randolph. Samuel d.10/03/2012.
Front row, left to right, Rollin, John, Merle, Marlyn and Maynard Shetler. Back row, left to right, Myra (Randolph), Mary Lou (Williams)and Alice (Schrock). Photo taken in 2001.
Front row, Sitting L-R - Sarah (Rollins Widow) & Alice   Standing Mary Lou, Marlyn, Myra
The children of George and Maude Shetler that attended the last reunion are:  Sitting: L-R Sarah (Rollins Widow) and Alice. Standing: L-R Mary Lou, Marlyn and Myra.
Shetler Group 1
The family that gathered for their reunion in 2014.  If you want to know who is who, please contact a member of the George Shetler family.
George and Maude Shetler
A special book, made by their children, of George W. and Maude Shetler.

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