Richard G. (Dick) and Ruth Shetler Family

Richard and Ruth Shetler had five children besides Robert, from first wife. They are Dean, Ken, Larry, Richard (died in boating accident in 1983) and Phyllis Shetler Butt .  Picture was taken in  1969.  Dick was born in 1903 in Washington County, Iowa.
Richard and Ruth Family-small
Richard & Ruth Shetler and young Family. Richard’s oldest son, Robert, was from his first wife who died of cancer. Robert and his wife Janet had four children and 11 grandchildren. At the request of some of the children, I have removed their information from this site. Robert, like his mother, died of cancer at a young age of 45 years. Robert worked for the Corps of Engineers and after he died, the Corps created the “Bob Shetler Recreation Area south of Saylorville Dam. Unfortunately I have no photos of Robert, Ken or Larry.  Some of his children and grandchildren are Carol (January 9, 1960), 51, married to Randy McDonough and they have 4 Children (Nicole, Stephanie, Aaron and Abby) Mary (January 27, 1963), 48, married to Tim McDonough and they have 3 Children (Shaun, Katie and Matthew) Carol and Mary are married to the McDonough brothers of the same family. David (May 17, 1964), 46, married to Jennifer ”Reinhold” Shetler and they have 2 Children (Tyler and Marissa)



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